Enoch and Noah; or Israel and the Church

"By faith Enoch was translated that he should not see death."
Ere the flood's engulphing billows
Desolation spread around,
Enoch to his rest was taken,
Enoch happy rest had found.
Noah, brought through all its dangers,
Found the ark his resting-place;
Each secure, and each made happy,
By the Lord's abounding grace.
Enoch, of the church a figure,
Taken ere the wrath was pour'd;
Knowing ere his blest translation,
He was pleasing to the Lord:
Noah, representing Israel's
Remnant of the latter day.
Brought through all the tribulation,
Happy 'neath Messiah's sway.
Israel rests on earthly promise;
Israel's heart is on "the Land,"
There, for God Himself hath said it,
Israel shall in triumph stand!
But the Church, with eyes uplifted,
Views her all in heaven above,
Waits her blessed Bridegroom's coming,
As the object of her love.
What a portion, loved of Jesus,
What a portion blest have we?
Christ Himself—-and all His glory; -
Christ, who died to set us free;
He, who now in heaven's preparing
For His Church her proper home;
Soon with shouts of triumph swelling,
For that Church Himself will come.
Earthly goods are not our portion;
Heavenly things to us belong;
Resurrection and translation,
Are the burden of our song.
O that all our hearts' affections
Gathered round our Lord alone;
And that naught on earth engaged us,
But to make our Jesus known!
A. M.