Ephesians 1

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Before creation, the grace of God chose some people to be saved. He planned for them a destiny of eternal fellowship with God in heaven. Here are seven spiritual blessings that we believers have because Jesus died for our sins and rose again: (1) chosen to be holy and without blame; (2) adopted into the position of adult sons; (3) accepted in Christ, God’s beloved; (4) redeemed and forgiven from our sins by the blood of Jesus Christ; (5) knowledge of the mystery of His will, that all believers are the church; (6) inheritance with Christ in heaven; (7) the seal and earnest of the Spirit as a guarantee for the believer that he is going to heaven. Also, the earnest of the Spirit helps us to enjoy Christ now before we get to heaven.
The Apostle Paul thanked God for the faith of the Ephesian believers and their love to all saints, not to just a certain group of believers. Also, they were learning to know more about Jesus Christ whom God has raised from the dead, put Him in the highest place in heaven and given Him a name above all others.
1. God chose us to be saved so that we should be __________ and without blame.   Ephesians 1:___
2. God has predestinated us unto the __________ of children.   Ephesians 1:___
3. God does not accept us through our good works, but we are __________ in the Beloved.   Ephesians 1:___
4. We have forgiveness of sins because we have __________ through His blood.   Ephesians 1:___
5. After we believed in Jesus Christ, we have been sealed by the Spirit, which is the __________ of our inheritance.   Ephesians 1:___