Ephesians 2

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This chapter explains mercy and grace. Mercy takes us out from our condition of being dead in our sins. Grace brings us into a place of blessing, where we are sitting together with Christ. Before we were saved, God says we were spiritually dead because there was nothing good in our life that could please God. We were so bad that God called us the children of disobedience. The mercy of God took us out of that bad condition of sin. Because we were dead in sins, God quickened us, which means God gave us spiritual life. By the grace of God, He gave us the faith to believe that Jesus died to take the punishment for my sin and the faith to accept Jesus as my Savior. We cannot earn salvation with our works. But after we are saved, we have been created to do good works. The good works of our new life give glory to Christ Jesus. The grace of God raised us up and brought us near to God by the blood of Christ. By grace we have been put together with other believers to be a spiritual building where God is happy to stay with us.
1. God is rich in __________ because His love to us is so great.   Ephesians 2:___
2. To be saved through faith is the __________ of God.   Ephesians 2:___
3. God does not want us to boast, so He will not accept our __________ for our salvation.   Ephesians 2:___
4. Before we were saved, we were far off from God. Now we are made nigh by the __________ of Christ.   Ephesians 2:___
5. We have been put together with other believers to be a spiritual building. Who is the chief cornerstone of the foundation? __________   Ephesians 2:___