Eternity! Where?

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MAN, after suffering some months from that terrible disease cancer, lay dying.
As he was nearing the end, his family and friends, after doing all in their power to relieve his suffering, gathered round the bedside, to watch their loved one breathe his last. Presently the tired eyelids opened, and looking round on them all he said, "You think I'm going to die, but I'm just going to live," and so he passed away from this world of sin and sorrow, to live forever and ever with the One that died for him.
- - -
“Do you think you will get better?" was a question addressed to a young man in consumption. "If I do, it will be all grace, and if not it will be all glory," was the answer. Not many months after and it was all glory for him.
What about you, dear reader, should you leave this world in a few months or weeks, or even less time than that? What if it should be to-day? It must either be like those two you have just read about—to spend eternity in the bright glory above, or to be forever lost with those in despair.
If you were called away may your end be like that of the old man, who caught the whisper—"He is sinking"—uttered by one of the watchers at his bedside.
“He is sinking,' said the watcher,
As we stood around the bed,
But the old man heard the whisper,
Heard the words the watcher said.
Sinking! ‘cried the ancient pilgrim,
Sinking! are my feet on sand?
Sinking while I rest on Jesus,
In the hollow of His hand!
“Sinking with His arms around me,
Guarded by His tender love;
Sinking when I have His promise
Of a rest, a home above!
Sinking! No, alt no! not sinking;
Soon in Jesus' power I'll rise
From the darkness of the valley
To the beauties of the skies.'”
Could you, if in similar circumstances, say as much?
You may, if you turn in simple faith to the Lord Jesus, and take Him as your personal Savior. “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved." (Acts 16:31.)
E. D. B