Examine Your Motives

There are times when we can be guilty of seeking great things for ourselves through our children. Perhaps I was not gifted in the arts or at sports, but I see in a child of mine talent in an area in which I never shone. How tempting it is to try to advance this trait, perhaps beyond the bounds of what might be according to a Christian walk, because it was so unattainable for me! And yet we need wisdom from the Lord. Perhaps God has given a certain ability to one of our children and it would be a good thing to see it get developed so it may be used for His honor and glory.
When our first child was born, a godly sister sent me a card with a poem in it that I have treasured.
I ask no worldly portion for my child;
I seek not of Thee gold, nor rank, nor fame:
Save him from sin; from human passions wild;
An interest in Thy love is all I claim.
Lord, make him Thine — Thine only — is my plea,
To love, and serve, and live alone for Thee.
J.G. Deck