Extract: Hunger and Thirst After Righteousness

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 6
" Do you not hunger and thirst after righteousness? and I pray you, saith not He who cannot lie, that happy are such? How should God wipe away the tears from your eyes in heaven, if now on earth you shed no tears? How could heaven be a place of rest, if on earth you find it? How could you desire to be at home, if in your journey you find no difficulty, distress, or grief? How could you he made like unto Christ in joy, if in sorrow you never sobbed with Him? If you will sit at Christ's table in His kingdom, you must first abide with Him in His temptations. If you will drink of His cup of glory, despise not His cup of ignominy. If you were a market sheep, you should go in more fat and grassy pasture. If you were for the fair, you should be stall-fed and want no wealth; but because you are God's own occupying, therefore ydu must pasture on the bleak and barren heath, abiding the storms and tempests that he may send down upon that and upon you."