Ezekiel 1‑48  •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 13
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(strength of God)
Israel is judged by the Chaldeans and then fully restored, but the nations judged. It opens with visions of God’s government and providence and then gives prophecies of the impending Chaldean invasion, the abominations and the destruction of Jerusalem, scattering and ruin of all Israel, chapters 1-24 (see same chapters in Isaiah). Judgment of seven nations around, chapters 25-32. Judgment upon Israel, chapters 33-35. Restoration of Judah with Israel by new birth and new heart promised in chapters 36, 37; followed by the judgment of Gog (Russia) and northern and eastern allies after the Lord has come and set up His kingdom, chapters 38, 39. The millennial temple measurements, service, feasts, sacrifices, established under the new covenant of grace when all the tribes will be in their allotments blessed by the glorious presence of their adorable Lord. Ezekiel is like Daniel and John, prophets in exile, given visions and symbols.
B.C. 595-574, 21 years.