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The returned Jews religiously. After the 70 years captivity (Jer. 29:10) the ecclesiastical history of the return of the remnant of Judah to Jerusalem; first about 50,000 headed by Zerubbabel (B.C. 536). The altar was set up, and the foundation of the temple was laid, and when finished its services attended to. Second, a select group of about 1750 headed by Ezra (B.C. 458) who meets the declension and mingling with the Gentiles by using God’s word. The ark is not mentioned. There are foreshadowings of how the wealth of the Gentiles will flow to Jerusalem. Ezra was a priest. It is supposed that he compiled the Old Testament. Chapters 4:8 to 6:18 and 7:12-26 were written in Aramaic.
B.C. 536-456 covering a period of 80 years.