Faith and Patence

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If we would please our blessed Lord—
Our faith in Him would prove—
We’d lean upon His promises,
And rest in His great love.
Whate’er our lot or circumstance,
We would not fret or doubt,
But just commit our path to Him;
For good He works things out.
Nor would we try to hurry Him
To please our restless will,
But trusting Him, we’d bide
His time, His promise to fulfill.
For faith is linked with patience, and
Our times are in His hand:
So we can wait and trust, although
We may not understand.
We read of faithful Abraham,
Who patiently endured;
He staggered not in unbelief—
Of power divine assured.
And Job his faith and patience proved
Beneath the chastening rod:
Though tried and tested, he endured
And trusted still in God.
‘Twould give our hearts such peace and joy,
To patiently repose
In His great love and care for us,
For He our pathway knows.
God’s precious promises are sure,
Though He our faith may test;
Then let us keep our eyes on Him,
And in His wisdom rest.
Young Christian, Volume 25