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The germ of faith will outlive the sternest winds and roughest winters. Nature or disposition may have much to do with our external manner, but it is faith in God which stands the wear of years, and the sorrows of life.
To walk in faith the eye must be outside this world, and fixed upon Christ; and as this is so we shall be pilgrims and strangers here. The life of faith is the only true and wise life, for it is the one in which Christ walked; in it we shall be always deepening in the knowledge of God. In this path the one whose natural resources are exhausted finds all his supplies in Christ, and the one who has an abundance of natural resources finds that He surpasses them all, and that in Him alone is real help.
Everything within the compass of God’s immutable word is within the compass of faith.
Trial humbles the soul, and enables it afterward to bear the blessing, and to carry a full cup with a steady hand.