Fellowship With Christ

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Stay; choose not rashly, trembling heart:
For know'st thou not how griev'd thou art
If ever called upon to part
E'en with one bound for heav'n!
And, oh, we all are tried full soon;
How many a morn grows dark at noon;
And Death must rob of every boon
God hath in mercy giv'n.
Be sure, if thou hast turn'd thy face
Full heav'nward, as thy destin'd place,
God must, in His deliv'ring grace,
Provide a death-scene here! -
So surely will the Jordan flow
In on thy heart-on all below;
And with'ring winds around thee blow;
But thou shalt know Him near!
'Tweer not enough, could we partake
Thy every thought, or joy, or ache; -
E'en could'st thou bring Him down to make
Sweet company with thee;
He must away with all that clings
Of nature-dust upon thy wings,
And then the emptied one He brings
Where none can walk but He.
Then He can call thy heart above,
And tell thee all His thoughts and love,
And give to thee-a heav'n-bound dove;
Blest fellowship -with Him-
Whence streams of life-within thee flow,
While death close round thee here below,-
Then' and then only, shalt thou know
Devotedness to Him!