Fervent Prayer.

James 5:16  •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 5
“AN arrow, if it be drawn up but a little way, goes not far, but if it be pulled up to the head, flies swiftly and pierces deep. Thus, prayer if it be only dribbled forth from cold and careless lips, falls at our feet. It is the strength of ejaculation and strong desire which sends it to heaven and makes it pierce the clouds. It is not the arithmetic of our prayers, how many they are; nor the rhetoric of our prayers, how eloquent they are; nor the geometry of our prayers, how long they be; nor the music of our prayers, how sweet our voice may be; nor the method of our prayers, how orderly they may be; nor' the logic of our prayers, how argumentative they may be; nor even the divinity of our prayers, how good the doctrine may be; but it is the fervency of spirit that availeth much. Cold prayers are a sacrifice without fire. "BISHOP HALL.