Foreword to First Edition

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This present work has been produced as the result of an earnest request from Australia, couched in terms which hardly admitted of a refusal.
The deep interest taken in prophecy at the present time, the need of something brief and simple, yet exhaustive as to the main outlines of the subject, were reasons urged. The reader may now judge if this need has been met.
Many Christians, anxious for enlightenment on these subjects, and who have not the time in these days of business stress and pressure to master long and exhaustive treatises, we trust will find this book just what they want.
Whilst dispensational truth and prophecy generally have been touched upon, the reader will find the following pages are mainly a brief exposition of the Book of the Revelation and of the prophetic parts of the Books of Daniel and Zechariah.
A special effort has been made by the judicious use of letterpress and diagrams to make the subject matter clear and easily grasped.
It is with great pleasure that we acknowledge our indebtedness to Mr. James Green for kindly preparing the maps, which appear at the end of the volume.
The writer lays no claim to originality. He has freely availed himself of the help other writers have furnished on these subjects.
The reader must be prepared for a measure of repetition in these pages. For instance, in explaining Revelation we get help in comparing it with Daniel; in explaining Daniel we get help in comparing it with Revelation, etc., etc.
That God may graciously use these pages to the help of many of His people is the desire and fervent prayer of the writer.
November, 1918.