1 Corinthians 11:24  •  2 min. read  •  grade level: 6
(1 Cor. 11)
What is that claim of the Lord Jesus upon us, which most effectually subdues the will and touches the heart? It is the claim which His supreme and unchanging love brings home to us; a claim that is especially renewed as often as we are gathered in His name to show forth His death. Our ability to respond to that claim will be just in proportion to the power we get through the Spirit of entering into the joy of the Lord.
We should always remember that it was not by tradition from the disciples, nor from the record of the gospels, but by a direct revelation from the Lord in the glory, that Paul received his instructions about the Supper. Our call to this comes from the glory, and is a proof to us that Jesus is in the glory, and there still cares for us and watches over us. We are not to do it only as a command, not to keep it in remembrance of the appointment of the paschal supper; but in remembrance of His death and coming again..Jesus " gave thanks;" not I conceive as we do, for things temporally; not for having the table supplied by the providential care that supplies our every need; but there was a far deeper thought in His mind. He saw His death and what that would bring His disciples into. Death is nothing pleasant in itself: it is always terrible; but He saw what that would lead His disciples into; and " he gave thanks." My death is to become your life, your bond of union, your cause of rejoicing; and for this He gave thanks. And we have the blessed privilege of responding to the mind of Christ, in standing out for Him. " This do in remembrance of me."