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No one can make an expression of what Christ is, even in language, beyond the impression on his own soul. Nay more, he will never be able to make an expression up to his impression. So that the impression will ever keep ahead of the expression. He might use all the language in the dictionary-, and yet he could not by language do more than enforce and depict an idea.
Words do not create ideas-they only clothe and express ideas: for many exaggerate an idea, as children and the empty do. But the idea (as it really is) is after all only communicated language. Like yeast, it may give size to the idea, but it has not increased the idea, no more than the yeast has increased the flour. It is a good thing to make the idea digestible, and suited to ordinary minds, I do not object to this; but I feel that no amount of effort or language can magnify the idea, or change it into a deeper one.
Christians have got on the- ground of a judgment to come, and not on the ground of a redemption. Consequently they are not judging of right and wrong, or good and evil, according to a relationship they are in by grace; but according to a possible state they may come into, by a coming judgment.
One of the great secrets of understanding Scripture is, taking out of it what God puts into it; and not to be thinking what it means.