Fragments Gathered Up: Psalm 40

Psalm 40  •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 5
In Psa. 40 Christ identifies Himself, though distinguishing the remnant with Israel. “Praise,” He says, “unto our God.” The effect of this is, that many see it, fear, and trust in Jehovah. It acts on the remnant in the latter day, and leads them to trust in Jehovah. They can trust for deliverance too; many will. His preaching righteousness to the great congregation gathered a little flock. His deliverance as the suffering One will be blessed to many. “Who hath begotten me all these?” says Zion in that day. This may take in the ten tribes too: still, as a principle, a multitude will be there. It was not so at Christ's first coming. He was to be a despised and rejected One in His own history and trial.