Fragments: Two Classes in Psalms

Psalm  •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 8
I think we shall find all through the Psalms too classes: one, the faith which looks to God and trusts Him, and pleads for an answer in righteousness; and the other, the cry out of distress and in distress of heart under it, though the principle of faith be in the cry. I remember attributing the former more to Christ, the latter to the remnant. Now in the spirit and character of them this is true; but the exclusive distribution to one or the other is wrong. They are all the remnant, only in two different aspects, and one more fully and directly the Spirit of Christ, though in Gethsemane He did cry in distress to God.
Baptizing with the Holy Ghost is never, that I am aware, used of an individual; nor is Christ so baptized. He is anointed of God, and sealed by God the Father. Now the company of disciples were baptized in Pentecost, and all by one Spirit baptized into one body. It was power embracing in one all. But the individual is anointed and sealed of God, as established by Him in Christ, sealed for the day of redemption, marked out surely by God, has the anointing of the Holy One. Note here that the general reception of the Holy Ghost by the converts in Samaria is before the manifestation of the wickedness of Simon's heart. Here the above remark becomes important.