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The Holy Ghost does not put an adjective before the name of Jesus. We say amongst ourselves, and rightly enough, blessed Jesus! precious Jesus! but the Holy Ghost never. Thus stands the name; and there is a dignity, A fullness, which commands silence. God only can span its preciousness.
Passing from death unto life is the beginning of all holy affections. A child does not love its parents before it is born; but it does love long before it can express it.
The simple history of a Christian is-He was once in death, judgment hanging over him, but not yet executed; but he has heard Christ's voice, 'has owned the Father as sending Him, and is passed from death unto life.
The believer is never brought into question about salvation, for the person who would have to judge him is the very one who has given him eternal life. He cannot call His own work into question.
The resurrection of damnation is in order that the Son, who has been dishonored, may be honored-every knee shall bow to Him-but we do not need judgment to honor Him.
The ground of settled peace for the soul in the midst of a world of sin and sorrow, is to say to my soul that God is true, when He says that He so loved the world, etc.,