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Providence does not guide us-it guides things, and thereby controls us: very precious as regards the hand of God over us; but this is not the guidance of the Spirit.
The white stone and the name written on it, serve to point to a secret communion with Christ, in which none other partakes. Christ knows all His sheep by name, though He makes a flock of sheep.
INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITY TO GOD AND CO-OPERATION. When a man's own will is at work, it leads to diversity: when the Holy Ghost is at work, He leads, it may be, different individuals in very diverse ways, yet all in harmony; and the glory of Christ is the object.
The great secret of guidance is to have the eye really to God.
Protestantism has made no advance beyond the Council of Trent, as concerns the person, and presence, and work of the Holy Ghost.
RECEIVING BLESSING FROM ABOVE, THROUGH EACH OTHER. Thus the dew of Hermon might hang on each leaf, thereby ministering to the refreshment of the whole tree, whilst the sap was circulating within the branches.
Christ is not only the root and offspring of David, the source and the fulfiller of all promises in connection with the earth; He is also the bright and morning star; giving us the dawn. of the heavenly day.