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How emphatically Christ is the truth. Not His work merely, but Himself-His own blessed self. We speak of the preciousness of His blood, and of all He has done for us, [and right, all right to do so], but after all we must have Himself—we cannot do without Himself. Oh to be clear of the horrid selfish Christianity which covets the benefit of His work, but has little or no heart for Himself. What would heaven be without Christ? and where would be our happiness if He were not there, the sum, the substance, the crown of it all?
A true affection for Himself will make us true to Him, and bring us on cheerfully, and decidedly, and unfalteringly, in the path of obedience. Obedience! that is the thing so much wanted, and so much needed in these degenerate days.
Lot us be assured of this, the time is short, " He that shall come will come." Oh! to hear the sweet words, " Well done," from His own gracious lips, who was ever tender yet ever faithful too.
Beloved children of God, let us seek to know Himself-go after, and with purpose of heart, get to know intimately the One who loved us and gave Himself for us, and to. whom the Father has given us, to whom we belong. Him who says " seek and ye shall find," and who " satisfieth the longing soul." May God in His infinite grace awaken (revive and sustain where it is) this desire in all our hearts with power.
Be thou the object bright and fair,
To fill and satisfy the heart:
My hope to meet Thee in the air,
And nevermore from Thee to part,
That I may undistracted be,
To follow, serve, and wait for Thee.