From an Aged Mother

God has given older women a responsibility to teach younger women. I am an older woman who has often failed as a wife and mother. But I have proved over the years that God is worthy of our trust. I have lived long enough to see many examples of self-will bringing grief. I have also seen the constant faithfulness of God and the beauty of following Him.
God’s purpose for all of us is to glorify Himself, and we should never forget that. We should all “be the moon and reflect the Son.” My children are grown now and have left the nest. While the growing-up years may seem endless to younger women, I realize as an older woman how brief they really are. Enjoy the days! They are over so soon! And remember, although it is important to give your children love, food, clothes, and education, your over-arching goal in the few years you have them should be to guide them to live for the glory of God. Of course, only God can save your children and give them new life. But it is your responsibility to pray for them and to show them by your example and training the joy of living for the honor and glory of the One who bought us by His blood.
Only one life, It will soon be past;
Only what’s done for Christ will last.
– C. T. Studd