Galatians 2: December 1996

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In this chapter, Paul continues to show how he acted according to the divine revelation and commission of God to him. After Paul had been preaching the gospel to the Gentiles for some time, he went to Jerusalem and communicated to the leaders of the assembly there what he had been preaching through divine revelation.
It was in Jerusalem that he met the false brethren who were trying to bring the Jewish believers back under bondage to the law and Judaism. Paul refused to submit to such a false gospel. Those apostles who were leaders in the assembly in Jerusalem recognized the work of God through Paul and publicly expressed fellowship with him.
But even then, so strong was the pressure of the Jews to bring believers back into the bondage of the law that even the beloved Apostle Peter was drawn away. Paul had to publicly rebuke him for setting this example. But in the grace of God, the circumstance was the means of the truth of justification by faith in the Lord Jesus being clearly presented to all at Jerusalem. The chapter closes with Paul telling the Galatian believers that if man could obtain righteousness before God through the works of the law, then God’s beloved Son would not have had to die on the cross.
1. The beloved Apostle Paul suffered much in order that the gospel of the grace of God should be proclaimed throughout the world. In recounting to the Corinthians how he had suffered for the Lord, he mentions that he suffered from “brethren” too. What kind of brethren caused his suffering?
2 Corinthians 11:___
2. How does Jude say that the ungodly men who tried to corrupt the truth of God were able to gain entrance into the assembly of believers? Jude ___
3. In order for believers to withstand such a sad condition as Jude describes, what are several things that he tells us to do? Jude ___
4. The law was unable, because of man’s weakness in keeping it, to bring blessing. What is God’s remedy for this? Romans 8:___
5. Though weak in the flesh, which was unable to bring God’s promised blessing to him, Abraham was not weak in what thing? Romans 4:___
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