German Rationalists and the Bible: Fragment

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They comment on a book of which they know nothing, the object and import of which they have not even studied. An immense scope of connected thought and system, reaching from genesis to the melting away of time into eternity—all its parts hanging together, and developing every form of relationship between God and man, historically pursued, yet morally and individually realized, in which each part fits into the other, like the pieces of a dissected map, proving the perfectness and completeness of the whole; all this system, I say, making a complete whole, in absolute unity, yet written (for written it was, as the best testimony proves) at long intervals, over a space of some 1500 years, pursued through every various condition in which man can be placed, of ignorance, darkness, and light, with principles brought out into intended contrast, as the law and the gospel, yet never losing its perfect and absolute unity, or the relationship of its parts, all this is past over by these skeptics. They are not conscious of the existence of it. They have about as much knowledge of the bible as a babe who took the dissected map, and would put together two parts of the antipodes, because they were colored red, and would look pretty