Gleanings 151

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 6
What was Christ's character in the world? He was " full of grace and truth." So full, so overflowing as a fountain, that every empty vessel brought to it He would fill-the waters flowing over to all, in all circumstances. A man might have looked up to heaven and said, " Why, there, up there, is the Man I spit upon, and He is saying If you call upon me, you shall be saved.' " A poor puny worm having treated God like that, and He saying " You are in an awful position, yet look up to me here, I can give the Holy Ghost to any who call upon me." Si o with Saul of Tarsus; the eternal light and life was stronger than man's darkness. Saul left his, darkness and death, to go in the power of that life, and be a servant of the Lord Christ who had looked down upon him.
Do you know the Being who has a life that never had a beginning? You had no being before you were born: compare the life you have with that of a Being who never had a beginning.