Gleanings 152

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God had a plan for the glory of His Son, and that plan was to show the perfection of the Son's obedience, and that perfection of obedience to be followed by His being raised up to the perfection of glory at the right hand of God, the Father of glory.
In Rev. 4; 5, I see the glory of the place. He is in. A certain Lamb is there in the midst of the throne. Co-equal with the Lord God Almighty as the object of worship, the place of glory that that Lamb is in, is as complete as it possibly could be. It is the place of perfect light. The believer can go right up to the throne of God, because the Lamb is in it.
This blessed One was raised up and planted by God at His own right hand, to be the center of all, and of every heart. Oh, have we got self as our center, or this One who is the center of all God's dealings, and is all His delight. A living Man in heaven, making all new. If you were to pick out the best down here to be a center, you would only find in him the first Adam. What a different center to bind things round is this Christ of God! If He made Himself the center round which to bind a man like Paul, everything of sorrow and difficulty which Paul went through, became the means of binding him more and more closely round Christ.