Gleanings 168

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What can harm me if I am upon Christ's heart? A ruined one like me and a Savior like Himself go together; my name is upon His breast.
I was a child of Satan once, under the curse of a broken law, and nothing would do but for some One to come in and say, " That Savior is given to this sinner, and this chief of sinners is given to that Savior, belongs to Him." Yes blessed be His name; we can say that we do know this, that the one resting place of our souls is Jesus.
I cannot keep my salvation-God keeps it, and He has turned my eyes to it, where it is at His own right hand in heaven. We cannot get away from the blessedness of saying, " That great salvation, that Savior, belongs to us, and we belong to Him "
The world is going on at the foot of Sinai. Content to stay there, under the full blaze of the light of salvation by faith, and in the sight of a great Savior at the right hand of God in heaven. What effect does the thought of Christ up there produce in the hearts of professing Christians? Are not many of them equally saying, "Who is Lord over us? our lips are our own." But whether they think of it or not, that Nazarene is sitting up there, and nothing escapes His notice, not a word, not a thought. When careless walkers think of Him there, what effect has it on them? not peace.