Gleanings 337

We see the effect when rays of light came on the sins of the poor thief. Light not only searches everything within, but makes discoveries of some thing quite outside. It showed him the glory of Christ and brought in the fear of God. How entirely he takes his place as a sinner! " Dost thou not fear God, seeing thou art in the same condemnation? but this man bath done nothing amiss." Was there one other to whom he could point and say that? Who could dare to say of any dying man, "there is one who never did anything amiss?" When God makes up His jewels, it is that One only amongst them all, of whom God could say it. If it had been written on a flag for every eye to see it, it would have formed part of His glory. The one who said it, was here in a very peculiar position. There was a spotless One at his side, whilst he himself had not even the thinnest veil by which to cover any evil in him; and he comes to the other with such a word as "Thou hast done nothing amiss!"