God Bless You!

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>HOW often we hear these words—" God bless you! "spoken with an earnest, heartfelt meaning; and, again, they are often used as one of the most ordinary expressions. Of all desirable things, we cannot seek anything to equal the blessing of God for our friends. The words," God bless you," are three short words, but of the greatest import possible. We are glad to hear them from human lips, when earnestly uttered; but when God Himself blesses His people, they are of untold precious value. Look, dear reader, at these words from God's own book.
The Lord bade Moses tell the priests to make the words in the sixth chapter of Numbers their benediction on His people Israel; and this brings us to another pleasant thought, for if earthly priests were so taught, we know that our great High Priest, whom Aaron typified, does constantly bless the people of God. And more, He who "hath made us kings and priests unto God" allows us as priests to bless in the name of our God.
The last verse of the sixth of Numbers says, "They shall put My name upon the children of Israel." We usually have our name put on what belongs to us. How glorious to have God's own name put on us, for we belong to Him. May His name be upon our hearts and be written on our lives!
Finally, the Lord declares, "And I will bless them," and He ever keeps His word. May we each receive and delight in God's blessing! E. D'E.