God, Don't Let Me Drown

 •  3 min. read  •  grade level: 7
Heavy summer storms had filled to overflowing the drainage canals in a southern city. So much water was a mercy to the farmers in the parched area and a delight to all who enjoyed water sports. Yet, unprotected by lifeguards as these streams were, they posed a peril for the unwary and a safety problem for many anxious observers.
Among those frolicking in her neighborhood canal was a teen-aged girl. She was not a very strong nor expert swimmer and seemed unaware of danger. Even when the swift center current swept her relentlessly downstream, she believed she could fight her way back to dry land.
How like the soul drifting away from God this is! To enjoy the "pleasures of sin for a season" he drifts in the current of worldliness or ungodly amusements, trusting to his own ability to return to the safety of early counsel or Christian teaching. Just so have many made shipwreck of otherwise promising lives.
At last, realizing her inability to overcome the "pull" of the current, and seeing the ever-widening expanse of the storm-swollen waters, the frightened girl screamed for help. A young fisherman on the bank saw the thrashing, screaming girl and plunged in, hoping to reach her. He was not a very strong swimmer; but he fought the current in his attempt to help until he himself was exhausted and had to be rescued. He said: "I had to try!! There was nothing else to do."
Meanwhile another observer on the bank had thrown an empty five gallon chemical container to the girl. She had grabbed it as it bobbed past her, and encircled it with both arms. Yet the relentless flood swept her on.
About two hundred yards further downstream and still in the swift center current, the poor girl seemed to realize fully her helpless situation. Within sight was the great culvert filled to overflowing with the flood-stream from the canal. Once within that watery trap no human help could avail.
Did the thought of her only possible Helper now come to her mind? Did He, the soul's only sure Refuge, present Himself to her? How can one know?
Those few watchers on the bank, themselves helpless and distraught, were suddenly startled into action by a desperate scream: "O God, PLEASE don't let me drown!"
On the banks of the canal stood two men watching the struggle in the water. Neither was a good swimmer, and both were painfully aware of physical disabilities. Yet at the hopeless cry one of the men muttered, "I may die first, but I can't just let her drown."
Quickly he shucked off coat and shoes. He plunged into the yellow flood and started swimming. Letting himself drift with the current as much as possible, he finally reached the frantic girl. He had feared that, in her panic, she might endanger both their lives; but both of her arms still clasped around the can were numb and useless. Grasping her and the empty container, he fought against the rushing water while holding fast to the fainting girl. Half-way back to the bank, exhausted with his efforts, he was met by his friend and another man. They relieved him of his burden and brought both rescuer and rescued safely to dry land.
Unsaved friend, why will you die? The course of this world is ever swifter towards eternal destruction. In Christ alone is everlasting life. Will you not acknowledge Him now as your Savior and a sure Refuge from life's storms?