God Speaks

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 3
Moses kept the flock of  .  .  .  his father in law  .  .  .  and came to the mountain of God  .  .  .  and  .  .  .  the Lord appeared unto him  .  .  .  and  .  .  .  God called unto him  .  .  . and said, Moses, Moses.
Do you want to hear God speaking to you? Here is a pattern. First, Moses was faithful in family responsibilities - he kept the flock of his father in law. Second, he was in personal communion with God at the mountain of God. Third, the Lord revealed Himself to Moses. Finally, God spoke to Moses. If you are unable to know God’s will, perhaps one of the roots of the problem is bad relationships within your own family. Correct these first if you want to hear God speak to you.