God Struck My Limbs

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"This wooden leg of mine," said a poor handicapped Christian miner, "is a monument of God's mercy."
"How is that?" inquired a visitor.
"Several years ago, I was playing cards and cheating in order to win. The man I was playing with said; 'You would not have won that money if you had not cheated.'
"I swore at him, and said:
" 'God strike my limbs if I did so!' "
"I knew that I had cheated; and the man would not believe that I had not. So we parted.
"Next morning I was working in the mine. Close by was a very large piece of rock which had been loosened by blasting. It slipped from its place and carried me along with it into the shaft.
"As the heavy end was uppermost, it turned with its own weight, fell across the shaft and pinned me against the side.
"This rock weighed not less than two or three tons. Notwithstanding the fearful shock, I regained my senses; but one leg was smashed, and the other severely wounded.
"God struck my limbs!
"I cried for help; and when the men found me, they saw at once it was impossible to get me out without moving that rock.
"There I remained for two hours, till they had put a sling around my body. Then they adjusted a strong chain to the rock and lifted the end.
"As soon as they raised it, down it went, carrying everything before it to the bottom of the shaft, while I was left hanging in the sling.
"They drew me up. I was taken to the hospital. One leg was amputated and the other set; but I was ill for a long time.
"Oh, just think, if that rock had not pinned my legs to the wall of that shaft, I should be in hell now!
In God's time the miner was converted and became a very zealous Gospel preacher.