God's Directing Hand

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IN the South of England lives a working man, who, a short time ago, had it laid on his heart to read the word of God aloud in all the streets and lanes of the small country town where he lives.
At first our friend did this in his dinner hour, but afterward, being out of work, he devoted more time to this work for his Master, speaking a few words as well. Some called him a lunatic, others a nuisance, but nothing daunted him.
One day as he was reading and speaking in the streets some of those who jeered and laughed at him said, “If you are so much in earnest, why don't you go into the market to-morrow and read there?” It seems that before this he had a distinct impression that he was to go to this very place, and testify for God there the next market day, when the place would be full of farmers, cattle dealers, and people of all sorts.
Our friend was now in very straitened circumstances, being out of work, and it was winter. A few days before a letter had come to him with the news that his father, who lived about a hundred miles away, was dying, and that if he would see his aged parent alive he must go at once.
He had not the means to take so long a journey, and spreading the case before the Lord, he asked that the money might be sent him.
Time passed until the market day came round-still no help came. Then, Bible in hand, the man went into the busy market filled with men and cattle, and, walking round, he delivered his message. The people were astonished; silence prevailed, and for a time business was stopped. The day alone will declare how this message was received, but numbers heard it.
When the servant of God had finished his work, on reaching his home he found a letter awaiting him, containing the needed money for his journey. It had come from a most unexpected quarter, and from a long distance, sent by one who knew nothing of his difficulties.
These facts are recorded in order to encourage simple faith in God, who directs all things for His people, but who bids us walk in faith, casting all our care upon Him. M. B.