God's Word, Not the Opinion of the Day

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IT is not astonishing, I say, that one who blames the Lord and H is Apostles, (so as to make their use of Scripture no kind of guide to its meaning or purpose, but assumes full right to get at the truth by giving his own application, and to get freedom promised by Christ through it)—that he should put Christ and all truth out of sight in a Christian world, look to politics governing it, and take indifference and no truth as his standard and his hope. But it is all a delusion. Those who buy the truth and sell it not will hold to it, and take Christ's word as the revelation and standard of it for their hearts, owning the Apostles as ministers of it by the Spirit. Many will take refuge in it, too, from sorrow, and passion's rage on the other side, when the, dissolution looked for takes place. But the present working will be this: the philosophical indifference of rationalists will palsy sturdy Protestant orthodoxy, which till now held its ground against Popery. Popery, which does not rest on truth a bit more, but on authority, and in its nature is essentially infidel, does know what it wants and what it wills, and will pursue it constantly, cleverly, and energetically, and all hold of truth will be gone in the country. This state of things the Dissenters will help on, and then find how weak they are. The main effect of this rationalism will be giving power for a time to what knows its own mind, that is, to Popery. The rationalism itself has no future at all. Of what would it be the future? Of inquiring and waiting till the Pope and infidels take the New Testament for a common ground? They can destroy, perhaps, faith in the truth (where it is not in the heart), but produce nothing.
I believe the Word of God abides forever. I believe Christ, our Lord, has all power in heaven and in earth; and for the soul who loves the truth, I believe it is a very bright and blessed time. I admit that what old 'associations may attach men to, is disappearing. Every one sees it, though how much we have to thank God that in this country it is peacefully; though I doubt that Christian or religious liberty will last very long as it is now, the revival will help to destroy it: but as outward props tumble and disappear, for those who have Christ in their hearts, and to whom the truth is precious, He will be more and more all, and the truth have infinitely more power and price. They will live more in Christianity, and less in the Christian world formed by phases of the αιωνος τουτου. I feel thoroughly that they are times most simple for those who love the truth, and blessed ones; soon I trust to be replaced by heavenly and better ones still. Only Christ and the truth must be of course all.