Good Morning

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One Lord's Day morning as a preacher of the Gospel was on his way to his labor for the Lord, he met a very dejected looking man. He said heartily:
"Good morning, sir," and spoke a few gracious words to him.
The man made no reply, but as he slowly wended his way home after his night of debauchery, and went to bed to get some sleep, he kept thinking—Yes, it's a good morning for him—a very good morning! He is on his way to preach the Word of God, and to help others; here am I, and it is a miserable enough morning for me!
"At last," he said, when telling his story, "I came to this: I will have a good morning too! And that night I went to hear the Gospel, and trusted the Savior. It has been a good morning with me ever since!”
Redeem opportunities. Let your words be always with grace. A word, fitly spoken, how good it is. Who can tell the present and eternal results? "He that winneth souls is wise.”