Good News for the Deaf, the Blind, and the Dumb.

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“WILLIAM WILKINSON, an old man, who because of his deafness could not hear a horse and cart approaching, was knocked down in a street in Leeds, and severely injured about the head. On picking him up it was found that his HEARING had been restored.”
- - -
“From Dresden comes a story that a blind man, crossing a street, was struck on the head by a passing cart, and it has since been found that the shock has restored the man's SIGHT.”
- - -
“A Padiham woman, who lost her speech six years ago, was engaged in household duties when her clothing took fire, and she screamed aloud. After the flames were extinguished, it was found that she had recovered her power of SPEECH.”
- - -
The above extraordinary happenings are authenticated. How profoundly thankful all three persons concerned must have been for the accident that meant so much for them in result!
There are multitudes to-day, who urgently need these three things: Hearing, Sight, and Power of Speech. There is nothing wrong with their actual ears, eyes, and tongues; but in a very real sense they are deaf, blind, and dumb. They are deaf towards God in that they will not hear His voice calling them to repentance. They resemble "the deaf adder that stoppeth her ear; which will not hearken to the voice of charmers, charming never so wisely." (Psa. 58:4, 5.) The charming story of God's grace is sounded in their ears in vain. It awakens no response. "Their ears are dull of hearing." (Acts 28:27.)
Blind they are, as well, as the result of the evil work of Satan, the god of this world, who "hath blinded the minds of them which believe not." (2 Cor. 4:4.) Alas! that any should be content to remain in this condition. But so it is. Of countless thousands it has to be said, "Their eyes have they closed; lest they should see." (Acts 28:27.)
Further, they are dumb towards God. Their voice is never heard in prayer. No note of praise rises from their lips. They have nothing to say either to God in gratitude for His mercies, or of Him in testimony to His goodness.
Deaf, blind, and dumb! Is it possible that the reader is one such? Have your ears never been divinely opened to hear words of salvation? Have your eyes never received sight to behold the Lamb of God “as your Savior? Have your lips never been unloosed to confess Him as your Lord? Serious questions, these. Do not dismiss them as if unworthy of your attention.
Maybe TROUBLE in some form or other has been knocking at your door of late. Has bereavement cast its shadow upon your heart? Has some family trouble beclouded your life? Has some fell disease made inroads upon your health? Does some dreaded blow threaten to strike you? Have your means of livelihood been taken from you?
Remember that GOD is behind these things. He has permitted them, in His goodness, because He seeks your truest blessing. Just as William Wilkinson's hearing was restored by a blow; just as the Dresden citizen recovered his sight by the same means; just as the woman at Padiham regained her power of speech through a terrible disaster—so it may be that God has sent some sore trial to you that your ears and eyes may be opened, and that your tongue may have cause to praise Him for His mercy.
But for this object a special infliction is not necessary. God may use such, but He also delights to use the preaching of the Gospel, either by the lips of His servants, or by the printed page. Will you allow this magazine to speak to you on behalf of the blessed God? It is His message we bring you.
We remind you of your sin and need in order that you may appreciate His love and grace in providing a Savior for you. Your salvation depends on your acceptance of that Savior by faith. He shed His blood so that every impediment on the part of righteousness might be removed, and that salvation might be made available for the worst of sinners.
May God grant you the hearing ear and the perceiving eye, that you may believe the glad tidings, and put your trust in Him of whom it speaks. H. P. B.