Guide Me, Father

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 2
Guide me, Father, with Thine eye,
Teaching me Thy mind to know;
As I gaze upon Thy face,
When, and where, and how to go,
Guide me, Father, with Thy hand,
Every hour upholding me,
Never left to be alone,
Happy in Thy company!
Guide me, Father, with Thy love,
Drawing heart and soul to Thee,
That Thy love's exhaustless stream
May refresh continually.
Guide me, Father, with Thy truth,
Every footstep well defined;
As a loved, obedient child,
Loving still to know thy mind.
By Thy Spirit, Father, guide,
Light and power along the road;
Mold me more like Thy dear Son
Till I reach my blest abode.
A. M.