89. Hark Ye! Those Who Choose the Pleasures
Hark ye! those who choose the pleasures,
That this wretched world imparts,
Dare you call this satisfaction
From your deepest, inmost heart?
Is the whirl of world's confusion
So engrossing to your mind,
That for thoughts of deeper import
You cannot a moment find?
Thoughtless one, did e'er you ponder,
O'er your standing toward your God;
Have you ever questioned deeply,
What the goal of paths you trod?
Have you heard the wondrous story
Of the love of God displayed;
When He sent His well-belovèd,
Such the sacrifice He made?
God so loved this world of sinners,
That He sent His only Son,
Saying, "Whosoe'er accepts Him,
Everlasting life hath won!"
All have sinned, He tells us plainly,
All in judgment thus condemned,
But God's Christ hath suffered for us,
Righteous judgment thus He stemmed.
Skeptic, when you read that story,
When you see that wondrous plan,
Can you make it but tradition,
And degrade your God as man?
Ah, there comes a time to all men,
When a righteous, holy God,
Shall mete out a righteous judgment,
Then shall you believe His Word.
He is waiting for acceptance,
Lost one, will you pass Him by,
Will you rush along unheeding,
While your ears ring with His cry?
Don't delay, as Paul's accuser,
Till a more convenient day.
God with open arms will meet you,
Loved one, come while yet you may.