Have Faith in God

Mark 11:22
The following episode was told me by a patient a short time ago. May it serve to strengthen the faith of any who are in difficult, trying circumstances.
A lady occupied in Christian work accompanied an inmate of one of the homes where she labored to Station. Having bought her her ticket and seen her safely off to her destination, she took a bus to her own part of the city.
When the time came to pay the fare she discovered that her pocket had probably been picked, for her purse was gone. As she had no money she was obliged to leave the bus. Not being at all strong she could not walk the long distance, and she knew no one in the neighborhood. She had left the vehicle, and walked slowly up towards the park, praying to her God and Father, and telling Him of her difficulty which was a very real one indeed.
Arrived at the park, she sat down on one of the seats, wondering how God would come to her help. She knew He would not fail her, so she was kept in peace. In a seemingly idle way she wrote on the gravel with her umbrella the words "God is love," and as she got to the last letter of the word "love," she turned up a coin that was black with lying there in the gravel.
Thanking God for sending her just what she needed, and had asked for, she continued her journey. The next conductor remarked on the state of the coin, and she said that it was indeed a very discolored one, but that it had been sent her in answer to prayer by her God and Father. She was not ashamed to tell him before the other passengers how she had come by the money.
Reader, you may think this finding of a coin pure coincidence? But why? The same God who said: "I have commanded the ravens to feed thee," can direct His child's steps to the seat, and her hand to the lost piece of money. No. Rather underline in your heart the last word of the text that heads these few lines:- "HAVE FAITH IN GOD”