He Had His Eyes Opened

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 6
The story is told of a boy whose parents took him to Florida to spend the winter. He returned to his city home, disgusted with the country he had been in. It was dull, stupid, and uninteresting, he said. During the next few months, however, he was in the charge of a tutor who was an enthusiastic botanist, and he kindled the boy’s interest in his favorite study. The boy learned about orchids, and their strange life. His tutor took him to a conservatory that he might see some of them growing.
“You should see them in Florida,” the tutor said, “they are much better there; but these will give you an idea.”
The boy looked at him in amazement.
“I have been in Florida,” he said, “but I never noticed any of them.”
“Perhaps you did not look for them,” the tutor answered; “but they will not escape you the next time.”
That is often the way with the Bible. A person sees no beauty in it, but the Holy Spirit is ready to open the eyes of our understanding and teach us. It may be by some sermon or book which will lift a truth out of its hiding-place, and give it an application to our life it never had before.