He Is Risen!

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I saw not the hill, nor the cross where they nailed Him... Nor heard the last words spoken with His last breath... I bore Him not hence to the tomb that received Him... So silent and cold in that chamber of death... But stronger than sight is the faith that believes it... And greater than reason, God's witness to me... For sin and uncleanness the Christ made atonement... I know that He died, and His blood cleanses me.
I saw not the angel that came at the dawning... To roll back the stone where the Crucified lay... Nor saw Him arising, majestic in triumph... O'er death and the grave, on that first blessed day... But deep in my heart is the peace that abideth... And joys growing big, like as streams near the sea... Not dead my Redeemer! He's risen! He's risen!... I know that Christ lives, and He lives now in me.