He Is Worthy

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He is worthy! Take it with thee.
Just this thought to ponder o’er,
Till His loveliness and beauty
Fill thy soul more and more;
Till thy heart o’erflow with longing,
Till thy lips be filled with praise.
Till HIMSELF become the Object
Of thy thoughts and words and ways.
He is worthy! Take it with thee
To the throne of grace on high:
What thou in His Name requirest
God will never thee deny
Art thou asking for the interests
Of His kingdom here on earth
Ask more largely, HE is worthy-
Ask according to His worth.
Shine this word upon thy labor,
Lighting up thy pathway dim
Does the daily task seem trivial?
Think, "I'm doing it for HIM; "
Do it heartily and gladly,
HE is worthy of thy best;
Those who will in much be serving
Must he faithful in the least,
HE is worthy! Let it brace thee
For the tempest or the fight;
Difficulties, dangers, conflicts,
Borne for HIS sake, seem but light.
HE is worthy! Let it teach thee
How for HIM to speak a word,
Though the world may scorn and slight thee,
Standing for thine absent Lord.
HE is worthy! HE who loved thee
Ere this world began to be;
HE who suffered to redeem thee—
Yea, who gave HIMSELF fin thee.
Then of HIM, the Lamb, the slain
One Be e'en here on earth thy song.
Till thou "face to face," behold HIM.
Praise HIM with the ransomed throng