He Settled It Last Night

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When Moody and Sankey were conducting gospel meetings in a mining region in England, coming out of the service one night, they noticed a man sitting just underneath the gallery. Although everybody else had left the church, he still remained.
Mr. Moody sat down beside him. He found that the man had been a constant attendant at the meetings, but this night he had determined not to leave the building until he had settled the question of his soul's salvation.
After prayer and the study of the Bible the matter was settled.
He returned to his home, a saved and happy man. The next day he entered the mine. During his working shift there was a terrific explosion and he, among others, was brought to the surface, more dead than alive.
As he lay on a stretcher a little way from the mine head, one of his friends stooped down to moisten his lips. He was too weak to speak, but his lips were moving and finally they made out his speech. Over and over again he was saying: "It's a good thing I settled it last night."
Reader, is the matter of your soul's salvation settled? If death should claim you today, would you be ready?
Tomorrow's sun may never rise
To bless thy long deluded sight;
This is the time, O then be wise—
Thou would'st be saved—
Why not tonight?