Hearts Full of Christ

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 4
Where are our hearts? Oh, where are they? Are they occupied with this world, or are we quietly passing on to heaven, taken up with that which love cannot lose sight of — a living Christ in heaven?
What wealth do you have if you have not got Christ? If Christ is the Object before you, will all the things that fret you take Christ from you? All the things you long for, will they give you more of Christ?
Our springs, all the way from beginning to end, are in Christ; you cannot find anything apart from Christ. It will not do to stand on any ground apart from an ascended Christ. He who spoke as never man spoke is the One whose Word is to stand throughout eternity.
Ah! blessed Lord! I have got nothing but Thy love — a love that takes me right home to the Father’s house, to be with Thee where the full expression of that love is to be manifested. Such love is a powerful thing when it gets into the heart, to lead the feet into a walk quite different from that of a man who has not got it. I can turn to that Christ and say, Nothing can disturb me; that glorified Christ in God’s presence is the very ground of my peace.
G. V. Wigram