Hebrews 1

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In the days of the Old Testament, God spoke to people by His prophets. Then God Himself spoke directly to us in the Person of the Son. God made everything that exists by His Son. The Son of God became a man they named Jesus. With His life, Jesus showed to us exactly who God is. Jesus created the heavens and the earth and keeps the universe and everything in it maintained.
Jesus was punished by God to take away sin, and then His death finished the work for salvation. After that, He sat down at the right hand of the Majesty on high. The Son of God left the glory of heaven and became lower than the angels to become a man. But He did not give up His glory of being the Son of God. The angels were still told to worship Jesus.
The relationship between God the Father and God the Son did not change. In verse 8 God calls the Son, “O God.” So we see that the Son is God. He is anointed and given a place of importance and glory above us, His fellows. God has given us to Him for His companions. This Person, the Creator and the Messiah King, is fully revealed as the eternal God.
Everything in this world will perish or be destroyed. The heavens and the earth will change and get old and will come to an end. But the Son of God remains. He is the same. He will not change, and He will never fail.
Jesus, the Son, is superior to the angels because He is God. None of the angels have ever been told to sit at the right hand of God. The angels are the ministers or servants of God.
1. By whom did God speak to us in the last days? __________   Hebrews 1:___
2. Jesus is the first begotten. What were the angels of God told to do to Him? __________   Hebrews 1:___
3. To whom was God speaking when He said, “Thy throne, O God, is forever and ever”? __________   Hebrews 1:___
4. What did the Lord lay the foundation of in the beginning? __________   Hebrews 1:___
5. Of the Son we are told, “Thou remainest,” compared to the heavens and earth, of which we are told that they will __________.   Hebrews 1:___