Hebrews 13

Brotherly love should continue. Divine love is in every believer, a love that expresses itself, whatever may take place, for it is the nature of God Himself.
Brotherly love is of God, but the expression of it may be the result of favor or otherwise. For instance, the Gentiles had raised funds to relieve their brethren, the Jews, in a time of famine, we suppose. This prompted brotherly love on the part of both the Gentiles and the Jews. This love should continue towards their Gentile brethren.
Abraham entertained angels who promised him a son. Lot entertained angels who delivered him from the judgment upon Sodom.
Hospitality for the poor is in order for the assembly.
The marriage relationship is pure and holy and must not be defiled. God will judge those who break down the ancient, divine institutions.
We should not have love for money. He who has undertaken our cause will provide for faith. When Elijah hid himself by the brook Cherith in obedience to God, the ravens brought him bread and flesh as needed. God will never leave us.
Jesus is always the same, unchangeable.
We are to remember those who have gone before us and left us many valuable writings. We are to follow their faith.
Taking up with strange doctrine only shows how the soul is not established. One who is not satisfied with Jesus does not know Him or has forgotten Him.
The altar of God, Christ, now belongs to Christians; all Jewish ordinances are past and gone. Now for us are the cross and shame, but in the end heaven. This position places us outside of the camp, which is a religious system connected with the world.
It is by Christ that we worship with our sacrifices of praise. Also other sacrifices are offered to God in giving our goods and money and in helping in various ways where there is a need.
We are to obey and follow our guides. This proves humility of spirit.
The apostle, with a good conscience, asked for the prayers of the saints, hoping soon to see them.
The God of peace had brought Christ again from the dead, that great Shepherd of the sheep, through the blood of the everlasting covenant, and the apostle's wish was that the saints might be made perfect (mature) to do God's will, working what would be pleasing in His sight. "To whom be glory forever and ever. Amen."