Hebrews 3

 •  2 min. read  •  grade level: 4
The Apostle is Christ Jesus who was sent from God to us. The High Priest is also Christ Jesus when He goes to God for us. The word “house” in this chapter represents all things built by God. The house of God in Israel was a building where people went to worship God. Moses was a faithful servant in God’s house. The people of Israel called this house of God “the tabernacle.” Now the house of God is all living believers who are saved. This house is called the church. Christ is God’s Son with authority over His own house.
Only true believers will hold fast to the end. Fake Christians, who may go to Bible meetings but reject the gospel and “harden their hearts,” will not hold on to Christianity to the end. They will “err in their hearts” and not care what other people think about their sin. They will have an “evil heart of unbelief.” They hate Jesus. Why do people hate Jesus so much?
Many people of Israel hardened their hearts and rebelled against God. They refused to go into the land of Canaan that God promised to give them. God made those people wander in the wilderness for 40 years until that generation was dead. They did not believe there was safety and rest in the land God promised to give them. We believers are the church of God. Our rest is eternity in heaven with the Lord Jesus Christ.
1. Who is the Apostle and High Priest of our profession and faith? __________   Hebrews 3:___
2. Christ Jesus was counted worthy of more glory than __________.   Hebrews 3:___
3. What kind of heart causes a person to depart from the living God? __________   Hebrews 3:___
4. How many years did God grieve over His people who sinned and died in the wilderness? __________   Hebrews 3:___
5. Why could God’s people not enter into their rest in the land of Canaan? __________   Hebrews 3:___