Hebrews 5

 •  2 min. read  •  grade level: 4
This chapter compares Aaron and Jesus Christ as High Priest. Aaron was a man; Jesus is God. Aaron was a sinner; Jesus Christ could not sin. Aaron prayed to God and offered up the blood of the sacrifice of animals for sin. He did this first for himself and then for the people. Christ is now our High Priest. He does not have to offer a sacrifice of blood for Himself because He has no sin in Him. Christ became the sacrifice and offered Himself to God when He died on the cross for our sins.
God the Son had no beginning. Before He became a man, He was one with God the Father. When God the Son became the Man Christ Jesus, He willingly submitted Himself to God the Father. As a man on earth, Jesus experienced obedience.
Jesus was obedient to the Father’s will for Him to suffer for sin and to die on the cross. Jesus went through all the sorrows and temptations that all people could ever suffer. He knows what we suffer and He understands our temptations, so He can sympathize with us. Through His death and suffering for sins, Jesus is the author of eternal salvation to everyone who will obey Him. Obey here means to believe on the Lord Jesus.
A mother starts to feed her baby milk. As the baby grows bigger, he gets teeth so he can eat meat that he can chew. A new believer is like a baby. He starts on simple and easy teaching. As a believer learns more, he can understand more advanced teaching. From the Word of God we learn what is good and bad.
1. Aaron needed to offer sacrifices, not only for the sins of the people, but also for __________.   Hebrews 5:___
2. Who called Aaron to be a priest? __________   Hebrews 5:___
3. What did Jesus, the Son of God, learn from the things which He suffered? __________   Hebrews 5:___
4. Jesus is the author of eternal __________ to all who obey and believe Him.   Hebrews 5:___
5. Strong meat (meaning the teachings of the faith) is for those who have grown as Christians, who are mature and by experience can discern between __________ and __________.   Hebrews 5:___