Hell in the Way

A young lady was so strongly moved under the sound of the gospel that she often wept. But she gave her heart to folly. Her sinful pleasures, however, could not guard from the assault of death. Not many weeks after having listened to a solemn gospel message, she suddenly dropped her needle while busy sewing, and cried out: "Oh, I'm dying!”
Her friends gently carried her to a bed and sought to make her comfortable. But looking wildly around she exclaimed: "I see heaven and hell! They are both before me, but I can't get to heaven; Hell is in the way!" Not another word did she utter as death closed the scene.
My reader, face the momentous fact that you are, if unsaved, in jeopardy every moment. Terrible words were those, but not more terrible than true. Would not the same words be applicable to you, an impenitent sinner, if you were on your death bed? Would not hell be in your way too?
Take heed, then, that you do not procrastinate, for "how shall we escape if we neglect so great salvation?" This very day turn to the Lord with purpose of heart, having faith in His precious blood unto eternal salvation.