How Am I to Come to Christ?

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A Scotch shepherd, in a state of great anxiety, asked a preacher what was meant by "coming to Christ." "I have been hearing," he said, "a most earnest discourse; we have been urged and entreated to ‘come to Christ'; and I felt as if I had been sitting on needles all the time, for he never told us how to come to Him. Can you tell me?”
“Can you fly to Him?”
“No, I cannot do that.”
“Can you walk on your feet to Christ?”
The preacher then told him that Christ though in heaven was beside him on earth, loving him with a deep, strong and tender love, eagerly anxious to save him. He was shown that with his mind and heart, and not with his body, he was to come to Jesus; in other words he was to believe on Him who died that he might live. "Is that it? Is it that simple? I see it now," he said. By faith he came and went on rejoicing.
Have you come to Jesus yet? If not, come to Him now. Believe in His love and death for you, and you will know on the authority of Him who cannot lie, that you are saved, and have eternal life.