How Far Did Christ's Advent Fulfil Prophecy?

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This is not the time for judging the earth in connection with God's people, Israel, (though providentially, of course, all is under His hand), but for grace, heavenly hope, and suffering with Christ nothing can be clearer in Scripture than this. Christ did not judge the earth when He came—He refused to do it in the least thing; He was condemned by its judges wielding externally God's power and authority in the place of judgment, Jewish and Gentile. All judgment was set aside, and the just One was the victim of man's judgment and the bearer of God's wrath. This was, indeed, morally the judgment of the world and its prince, the enemy. But the execution of judgment is yet wholly future; and so is the resulting accomplishment of Divine purpose. And this is the trite answer to skeptical cavils against a second fulfillment. The purpose of God declared in prophecy has never been fulfilled at cell: Christ's sufferings have been, no doubt, but nothing else save the consequent dispersion of his earthly people; but this is not God's purpose (properly speaking). Particular local judgments have been executed; but neither are these His purpose: that remains wholly unaccomplished. God has not yet shown Himself according to his purpose. When the wicked shall be cut off, who are often adversaries of His power, a King will reign in righteousness, and the Prince of Peace will exercise His dominion in the world. Christ at his first coming declares that it was not to bring peace but a sward: shall then this blessed, character of Prince of peace remain unfulfilled? Certainly not; for the moment sin had the upper hand in the world, because God was graciously doing a still greater work, and showing Himself above all man's futile sin in making it the instrument of an eternal and heavenly salvation. But this earth will be the scene of peace and blessing under the government of God, wielded by the hand of the Son of man, whom He has set over the works of His hands. Grace meanwhile has made us His joint-heirs.